Da Marianna full fixed menu is € 30,00

quad dorsale a tavola
Gastronomic tour: House appetizers; tastings of typical first dishes; grilled mixed meat; side dishes; fruit; house cake; coffee and tonic liquor; € 30 per person Included drinks. Children’s menu is € 15.00 Menu is typical, complete and promotional. Is not
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Nebrodi fixed Menu is € 25.00

Da Marianna tasting of typical appetizers; mixed grilled meat; side dishes; fruits of the season; coffee and tonic liquor; € 25.00 per person (including drinks) Share This
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Peasant’s fixed menu is € 20.00

Tasting of typical appetizers; First Tasting of homemade dishes; Fruits of the Season; Coffee and bitter; (Drinks not included) The menu is not divisible Share This
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